M.E.T Level 1

Movement Efficiency Training

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Developing effective movement pattern progressions and regressions depends greatly on the readiness of the nervous system. This One-Day Course will teach you how to effectively and systematically layer movement progressions to stimulate movement ability in your clients, so they can learn to move more efficiently, thus gain more confidence to move. This system can be applied with any type of movement based equipment such as Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells, Weight Plates, Medicine Balls, etc

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:
- Have a basic understanding of the relationship between the brain and body with regards to movement, mood, learning, and memory.
- Understand how to use The Fundamental Movement Patterns
- Understand how to Layer Movement Pattern Progressions to optimally stimulate the Brain and Body
- Understand how to modify Movement Patterns for various types of clients and training goals

Course Content

M.E.T Level 1 - Text BooksArticle(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Opening VideoVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Scientific Foundations QuizTest(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 1 - PushingVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 1 - PullingVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 1 - Overhead LiftVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 1 - Squat Lunge RotateVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 2Video(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Zone 3Video(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - ProgrammingVideo(Required)
M.E.T Level 1 - Final TestTest(Required)